Just love them

For the past six years, I’ve found myself in a position to encourage, inspire and support women. In most cases, my role starts out as a mentor for their health and fitness using the tools that I’ve used to find success. But as time goes on, we become friends, we connect on a deeper level and I find myself called to help them in a way that makes an impact.

But here’s the funny thing… I never expected my role to be that of such a mentor. I started this business because I wanted to stay home with my son (I was a new mom then), and make some income to cover the diapers, groceries and some extra wiggle room. However it has become so much more and as I reflect, I think the whole time, God was calling me to ‘love them’.

Let me explain. We all have people in our lives who we want to ‘fix’, right? We have people in our lives who ‘we know better than’. And when it comes to people we are close to, it’s easy to get frustrated when they struggle, or to judge them.

In my position with my business, I’m typically interacting with people I’m NOT as close to, SOOO instead of trying to ‘fix’ their problems… I just LOVE them. I teach them to LOVE themselves. It comes natural because of the boundaries of our relationship. But you know what, it works! Those people open up, they respond, I get to help them in some way.

And now, I hear God tell me, “I never called you to fix ANYONE…. just LOVE them.”

Isn’t it funny that what I’ve learned in my business relationships led me to learn a lesson in my personal relationships.

Friend, we all struggle, if you are struggling, let people LOVE you. And if you’re in the position to help others, don’t try to fix them, just LOVE them. After all, I believe that’s what we were all called to do.

John 15:12: “My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you.”



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