Morning Rituals: The Key to a Productive and Positive Day

How often do you feel like you could compare your morning to a RAT RACE!?!

The alarm goes off, you quickly rush from the bed, to the shower, and jump right into the craziness of your day. Heart racing, you rush through the day seemingly without stopping to catch a breath! Then we wonder why we are tired, drained, depressed…

Change! It’s that simple.

When I had my second baby this summer, I turned to my husband a few weeks into being a mommy of 2 and said “I feel like I can’t catch my breath, like I wake up, inhale and don’t exhale until I get in bed at night”. It was awful! So, I changed.

Here are some of the morning rituals that help me feel, well…you guessed it…FIT AND FULFILLED.

1. LEMON WATER- I start every day with lemon water. Typically its warm water with half a lemon squeezed in.

2. PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT- Huh? I know, I never thought about it before, but this is genius…Basically it means you do some reading to work on yourself. It can be a book related to your life—getting organized, building a business, setting goals; a daily devotional—an excerpt from the Bible if that’s your jam; podcasts; or even scrolling pinterest for motivational quotes or instagram for Fitspiration.

3. WORKOUT– Ok, not everyone is a morning workout person. I personally feel totally off if I don’t get a workout in first thing. It gets my adrenaline and endorphins going and makes me feel really BADASS all day long. If you’re not into getting your workout in, at least do some pushups while the shower water warms up and squats, calf raises while you brush your teeth and do your makeup.

4. MAKE YOUR BED- Seriously, my husband will disagree but there is something ‘complete’ about having your bed made and not staring at rumpled up sheets.

5. TO DO LIST- Write it down. What do you need to get done today. What do you need to get done this week. Write it down so you can clear your mind of clutter and worry.

6. SHAKEOLOGY– Ok, you all know I LOVE my superfood goodness milk(less)shake in the morning. It gives me my vitamins and nutrients while satisfying my sweet tooth. If shakeology isn’t your thing (are you nuts?), at least eat a healthy balanced breakfast!

And finally, SMILE. It’s not that bad! Its a new day, a clean slate, and an opportunity to be your best!

I hope this post puts a smile on your face and helps to make  your mornings less hectic.

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