Creating Balance in Your Life

As I sat on the couch with my 8 month old in my arms today, I looked at the clean laundry my 2 year old had thrown on the living room floor, I listened to the laughter my husband and son shared, and I took a deep breath. For once, I didn’t feel the urge to get up and clean up the laundry or vacuum the floor. Today, I had balance. It doesn’t happen all the time, but I’m striving to have more days like today…days when I’m able to have a healthy balance of work, play, and relaxation.

Today’s Monday Mindset is a message to achieve this balance throughout the week.

Here’s what I’m doing to work toward a balance.

1. Google calendar- I’ve set up my google calendar with my appointments as well as my daily activities including my workouts, what time to get in the shower, and what days I’ll be doing laundry. I also include any appointments I have or important things to remember. Having the google calendar app on my phone is super helpful.

2. Schedule in your housework. If your house is anything like mine, the work is never done. Mainly, the laundry.. So I’m setting a schedule. I’ll do laundry Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday. I also schedule in vacuuming everyday, mopping on Thursdays, and bathrooms on Sunday.

3. Put down the phone. I’m always connected to my phone…too connected. When I get a message I feel the need to respond and when I see notifications, I go running. But this week my goal is to put the phone away while the kids are awake. I’ll have the ringer on for emergencies, but my work tasks and mindless scrolling time will take place after they’re sleeping.

4. Be silly. Take time each day to be silly, to let loose, to laugh. Maybe its a daily dance party or a call to your best friend to chat in hashtags (that’s what my BFFL and I sometimes do), whatever it is, do something that puts a smile on your face.

okay, so those are my tips for the week. Do you have any other tips for maintaining balance in your everyday life? I’d love to hear from you via email

Share this with a friend who might find this helpful!

Here’s to a fulfilling week!



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