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Did you know 80% of RESULTS come from NUTRITION? No matter how hard you workout, if your nutrition is failing, so will your results. Below you’ll find my Basics guide to Nutrition I follow as well as my weekly meal plan with recipes, tips & more!
T H E   B A S I C S

THE 80/20 RULE | One thing I love about the nutrition plan I follow is that it’s NOT a “crash diet” — but rather teaches you how to live a healthy + balanced LIFESTYLE. I’ve been there, done that! What I do (and ask of my clients as well) is to follow the nutrition plan and focus on eating clean foods that make my body FEEL GOOD and enjoying treats in moderation. Because for me personally, if I had to give up all of my favorite things, 1) I wouldn’t last more than a week & 2) I’d be miserable — and that’s no way to live.

EAT 5-6X PER DAY | This basically means 3 meals a day (breakfast, lunch & dinner) with 2 small snacks in between (+1 extra snack only if needed). Think “every 3 hours”. This will help to keep you full throughout the day so you’re not hungry in between meals and tempted to binge and snack on junk food, AND keep your metabolism going so your body is always burning calories and losing weight.

DRINK WATER | Did you know you should be drinking HALF your bodyweight in ounces. So for example, if you weigh 160 lbs, you water goal would be 80 oz per day.

    TIP #1 – I carry a HUGE water bottle with me wherever I go, because if I don’t have it, I won’t drink it. I prefer to use a gallon bottle like this one but play around with what you drink the most out of! I also like to add lemon or cucumber and mint to give it some flavor (avoid any artificial junk)
    TIP#2 – Drink 12-16 oz of water after you wake up & before every meal!

TOSS OUT THE JUNK + TEMPTATIONS | Chances are — if you’re trying to give up the cookies but they’re still in the house, you’re going to cave. We’re human! If you REALLY want to stop eating _______ (fill in the blank), you need to stop buying it. Period.

I hear a lot of people say “well I buy the junk food for the kids.” Do you really want your kids eating junk? If you teach them how to eat healthy, you will not only set a good example, but they’ll start to actually enjoy & crave healthy foods too! And now it won’t be around tempting you & keeping you from reaching your goals.

THE GAME CHANGER | Once I started eliminating “heavy carbs” at dinner (rice, potatoes, pasta, bread), it made THE BIGGEST difference in my results! These carbs are OK earlier in the day because we’re burning calories but not so great later in the day. The 2B Mindset Nutrition Program taught me how to swap things like brown rice with cauliflower rice, and pasta for “spaghetti squash” or “zoodles”. And it’s just as tasty & filling, without the bloat!

MAKE YOUR WEEKLY MEAL PLAN | A meal plan is simply writing down what you plan on having for your meals & snacks for the week. I typically do this on Sunday and plan for most of the week (usually Sun-Thurs, then we usually get pizza on Fridays and go out to dinner on Saturdays). Below are some of my favorite staples!

NEXT, MAKE A LIST + HIT UP THE GROCERY STORE! Having healthy foods stocked in the fridge & pantry is half the battle. Now that you know what you’re having for the week (breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks), take 5-10 min and MAKE A LIST of every ingredient you need to prepare them and hit up the grocery store! 
TIP: I use the Notes section of my iPhone to make my grocery checklist (above my Meal Plan for the week). Easy peasy!


– vegan chocolate shakeology with collagen boost
– cage free eggs + fruit + turkey sausage
– avocado toast w/ Himalayan sea salt + pepper
– eggs with lots of veggies, sweet potato and avocado
– organic oatmeal w/ fruit
– almond chocolate Beachbars

– leftovers (90% of the time)
– fish tacos
– grilled chicken salad w lots of veggies + homemade balsamic
– chicken Caesar salad w/ Ken’s Lite Caesar dressing

– almond chocolate Beachbars (my fav!)
– apples, grapes, watermelon
– carrots & celery w hummus or PB
– handful of cashews or almonds
– tortilla chips w fresh salsa and avocado

– turkey chili
– chicken stuffed bell peppers
– beef stew with sweet potatoes
– baked spaghetti squash w/ turkey meat sauce
– turkey meatloaf with brussel sprouts
– fish with roasted asparagus (either sea bass or wild salmon)
– hello fresh recipes

If I’m craving something sweet after dinner, I will have shakeology brownie batter or a bevvy with seltzer!

GOT CRAVINGS? A lot of times when I think I’m hungry (but I know I ate enough) it’s usually bc I’m dehydrated, so I first drink a full glass of water. If I’m still craving, I’ll either have my fav all natural gum, a cup of decaf green tea or make a glass of my favorite lemon Bevvy over ice!

– ice water all day long
– fresh brewed iced tea with organic cane sugar
– americano with splash of almond milk + 1 pack of cane sugar
– La Croix (instead of soda) – the lime is my fav!

ADULT BEVS (low cal)
– organic red or white wine
– skinny margarita w/ 100% agave tequila
– vodka & club soda (or La Croix) with lime
– White Claw

– fast food
– soda (especially NOT DIET)
– anything with artificial ingredients/sugars (i.e. “diet” or “lite” drinks/yogurt, aspartame, high fructose corn syrup, MSG (mono sodium glutamate), red/yellow artificial colors, hydrogenated oils). I don’t buy these for my family or myself.

MEAL PREP | This doesn’t have to be crazy or time consuming so don’t let this part scare you! I used to be intimidated by meal planning but now it takes me less than an hour on Sundays after the grocery store and I’m good for the week. For me, I know that I just need to have a few staples on hand to grab when I’m in a hurry – washed fruits & veggies, grilled chicken, and things to throw in my salad! Shakeology, Beachbars and nuts are good to go so I don’t even have to think twice about that.

And then dinners are made each night so I don’t prep for those. But say you work nights – you should prep your dinners to take with you on the go! Or say you’ll be out of the house for lunches at work – you should prep your lunch and have it ready to go in the morning! We’ve ALL had those days where we’re running behind, not prepared, next thing you know you’re starving and eating your kids Cheetos or hitting up the fast food window and afterwards regretting it. So knowing ahead of time what your schedule looks like and being prepared makes ALL the difference!

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