Wife and mom of 3 on a mission to help women make themselves a priority and live FIT and FULFILLED

I am a Christian podcaster, health and wellness coach, speaker and mom of 3 littles, ages 8, 7 and 4, married to a man who is extremely hardworking and makes us laugh every single day.

If you’re familiar with the enneagram, I’m a 6 wing 7. At my best I’m definitely highly motivated, high energy, and outgoing. I absolutely LOVE to know that I am helping others.

Shortly after my first child was born, I left the teaching profession and began a career as an online accountability coach. Over the last 6 years I have been able to mentor other women on their health and wellness journey by sharing parts of my own stories and supporting them in using the tools that have helped me have success!

When you follow me on social media or tune into my podcast, you’ll learn that I am highly passionate about my faith, family, our health and living out our purpose in life. I share my own journey with motherhood, marriage, friendship, super easy nutrition (because I hate cooking and have tried every fad ‘diet’), and some faith sprinkled in between.

My goal is to share my own journey as a way of serving others. I hope this encourages you to live a life that is fit and fulfilled.

What People Say

Chrisanthi has never given up on me and has always celebrated my small accomplishments.

Abby K.

Through her posts, Instagram stories, etc. Chrisanthi shows that she is a real person going through the same ups and downs on this journey to health and fitness as her clients are. She will guide you the whole way and never give up on you.

Kristen S.

I truly could not have made this lifestyle change and lost 40 lbs without Chrisanthi helping me all the way.

Ann C.

Let’s build something together.

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